Founder of Taize
Founder of Taize

Meditation at Taize


‘Known or unknown, in our darkness, you kindle a fire which never dies away’.

Br. Roger of Taizé.

Brother Roger Louis Schütz-Marsauche (1915-2005)

In 1940 Br. Roger left his home in Switzerland and moved to France to help refugees escaping the Nazi occupation.  He founded the monastic community of Taizé in France. Today, the Taizé Community is made up of over a hundred brothers. These comprise of Catholics and various Protestant denominations, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, the community is a “parable of community” that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples.  The brothers of the community live solely by their work. They do not accept donations. In the same way, they do not accept personal inheritances for themselves; the community gives them to the very poor.

CC Damir Jelic  Prayer in Taizė Church

(Use of photos with kind permission from the Brothers at Taizė)