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‘In the Wake of St. Brendan’ with Cynthia Bourgeault 4 – 6th July 2014.

The Emmaus Centre, Ennis Lane, Lissenhall, Swords, Co. Dublin.

This retreat was an exceptional experience! Cynthia brought us in to the ‘imaginal realm’ exploring the Navigatio of St. Brendan and weaving a tapestry of profound insight in to the outer and inner journey. Cynthia was accompanied by Carmel Boyle who interpreted Cynthia’s play  The Voyage of St. Brendan to “the Land Promised to the Saints”.  Participants came from the United States, UK, South Africa and Ireland and the general consensus was that something very profound had happened here!!

Cynthia Bourgeault Emmaus

Cynthia to receive the 2014 Contemplative Voices Award:

The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation is pleased to announce the presentation of its 2014 Contemplative Voices Award to the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault. The Shalem Contemplative Voices Award was created to honour those individuals who have made significant contributions to contemplative understanding, living and leadership and whose witness helps others live from the divine wellspring of compassion, strength, and authentic vision.

2014-07-06 10_opt copy 2Cynthia will be honoured by Shalem in a special benefit evening, November 16 in Rockville, MD. The event will include a public talk by Cynthia, and plans are underway for the evening to be accessible via live web-streaming. More details to follow…

The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation provides in-depth support for contemplative living and leadership and offers a wide variety of programs and resources for spiritual directors, clergy, lay leaders and individuals who want to open themselves more fully to God in their daily lives and work. For information please see the website for the Shalem Institute <> .

Recording available from Sunday’s online dialogue:

This past Sunday, Cynthia joined host Terry Patten of Beyond Awakening for an online dialogue entitled “The Eye of the Needle and the Cave of the Heart: Cultivating a Pure and Single Heart in a World Stuffed Full of Way-Too-Muchness”.

Their dialogue was illuminating and lively, and the recording is now available for those who missed it. Many have commented on the depth of this exchange and especially were appreciative of the useful and simple practice for making wise, non-reactive choices about life that Cynthia shared in the course of the conversation. The audio recording can be accessed here: Download Dialogues < Terry Patten also provides his thoughtful reflections on his conversation with Cynthia: Contemplative Practice and Rewiring the Heart-Brain <>  .

If you missed Cynthia’s conversation with Terry in August 2012 entitled “Encountering the Integral Christ in Evolutionary Dialogue”, this recording is also available on the Download Dialogues <>  page.
Please refer to Cynthia’s online schedule for upcoming events: Events with Cynthia <>