Teresa Forcades OSB - God and Sexuality 27th January 2018

Teresa Forcades OSB
The Contemplative Life A Force for Radical Change

We were delighted to host Sr Teresa Forcades OSB on the 27th January 2018 at Marino Institute, Griffith Avenue, Dublin.

Catalonian Benedictine nun, theologian, and Harvard trained physician, Teresa Forcades is one of Europe’s leading radical thinkers. Renowned for her condemnation of the abuses of some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Teresa is a leading international voice against the injustices of capitalism, the patriarchy of modern society, and her own Church.

Thousands have joined her movement for Catalan independence, for an end to corruption, fairer wages, shorter working hours, payments to parents who stay at home, and decent housing for all.

Teresa says that this work is born of deep Christian faith and devotion.

To say that Teresa was a ‘tour de force’ is no exaggeration! Her intention was to drill down  on who we are as human beings and examine creation in all its complexity within a theological framework. 

Teresa was very aware of the considerable movement towards change in Ireland and brought this in to her talk. 

Many of us were captivated by the breadth of her theological and medical knowledge.

Her presentation enabled us to witness the contemplative life as a dynamic force for change. 

Hover here to read Joanna Moorhead’ article about Teresa Forcades at Greenbelt 2017. 


The gaze of Love

a day in the company of Rev Dr Ruth patterson oBE

Ruth Patterson and New Monasticisms Ireland committee
Ruth Patterson with some members of the New Monasticisms Ireland Committee

New Monasticisms Ireland warmly engaged with Rev Dr Ruth Patterson  at All Hallows College DCU, Drumcondra, Dublin on Saturday 20th October 2018. 

Ruth Patterson is a Presbyterian minister, and since 1988 has been the Director of Restoration Ministries, a non denominational, Christian organisation committed to peace and reconciliation based in Northern Ireland. In 1976 she became the first woman to be ordained as a minister in Ireland.

In 2001, Ruth received an honorary doctorate from the Presbyterian Theology Faculty in Ireland. In 2003 she was awarded an OBE for her efforts in reconciliation…Ruth has written extensively and her work has had a considerable impact.

For a full biography go to www.restorationministries.co.uk

New Monasticisms Ireland invited  Ruth Patterson to speak to us in a new and uncertain Ireland in the climate of Brexit and share with us the continued work for peace and reconciliation. 

(More to follow)