Spiritual wisdom enriches a society.

Wisdom is a gift and is sought in study and reflection.

The company of those who share the spiritual journey is valued.

Tradition is a storehouse of wisdom.

The New Monasticisms concept is anchored in relationships, specifically right relationships with God and others. It seeks to facilitate a new lifestyle by blending together a number of commitments:Retrieving of the core of monastic traditions as daily  practice.

Embracing practices of solitude in daily life.

Valuing the enriching power of silence.

Celebrating artistic imagination.

Living with Contemplative attentiveness.

Appreciating the rhythms of nature.

Welcoming with a hospitable heart.

Experiencing the spiritual significance of work.

Awakening to interspiritual monasticisms.


‘Monasticism is not a container; it is an energy’  Emanuele Bargellini OSB Cam

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