New Monasticism
Adam Bucko Rory McEntee

Adam Bucko (left) is an activist, karma yogi and spiritual director to many of New York’s homeless youth. In 2004, Adam co-founded the Reciprocity Foundation, along with Taz Tagore,  an award winning nonprofit that uses an interspiritual and contemplative approach to empower homeless youth. Adam recently founded HAB, an interspiritual ‘new monastic’ fellowship for young people.

Rory McEntee (right) participated in the founding of the interspiritual movement as a close friend and mentee of the late Brother Wayne Teasdale. He is currently the administrator for the Snowmass InterSpiritual Dialogue, which was founded in 1984 by Father Thomas Keating. Rory lives a contemplative life while writing, teaching mathematics and being a father.