“Monasticism is not a container: It’s an energy”

Emanuele Bargellini OSB Cam

Welcome to New Monasticisms Ireland

  • 1. Retrieving the core of Monastic traditions as daily practice

    Living a balanced lifestyle with regard to how we spend our time between work, rest and prayer. We are body, mind and spirit and each needs space to fulfil its true calling.

  • 2. Embracing practices of solitude in daily life

    Having some time in the day e.g. in the morning when we wake or when we get out of bed to give thanks for the night and for the new day. This gives us positive energy for the day ahead.

  • 3. Valuing and enriching Silence

    Valuing silence means letting go of all the inner chatter of the mind which can control how we live our lives.

  • 4. Celebrating Artistic Imagination

    In the many creative acts we take part in during the day when our mind is really engaged with the work in hand; this helps us to let go of worries or fears.

  • 5. Living with contemplative attentiveness.

    Being attentive to the action we are doing at any time of the day e.g. driving the car, reading the paper. When we are attentive to the work at hand we work better and faster.

  • 6. Awakening to the rhythms of nature

    Being aware of nature e.g. the changing colour of the leaves, the setting sun, acknowledging  the  beauty that surrounds helps to raise our spirits.

  • 7. Welcoming with a hospital heart

    Welcoming the people and events during the day with cheerfulness, believing that they come for a reason or have some message for us.  

  • 8. Experiencing the spiritual significance of work

    Working with a glad and thankful heart realising we are adding to the goodness of the world.

  • 9. Opening up to inter spiritual monasticisms

    We try to be open to other beliefs and wisdom traditions, thus enhancing our own spiritual journey.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice found at the core of most diverse and great religious traditions. It leads the practitioner from the mind to the heart and helps to integrate these two centres of human being. It is a practice of learning to unlearn habitual reactions, practices, and staying real to reality.

Both silence and simplicity are core to the practice. Every time we sit to meditate, we are beginners, we make ourselves available to the ultimate reality of life, we let the ego move out of the way and surrender to the great Presence within. We sit knowing that we are in the long tradition of practitioners that go way back in time. We are one in the moment. We are always beginning again.

Learn how to meditate

Book Club

Our book club meets monthly online and invites discussion and questions on the chosen book.

“The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning.” - M Scott Peck