Give the gift of silence

Our Latin Tradition defines peace as tranquillitas ordinis, the stillness of order. Order is inseparable from silence, but this is a dynamic silence.  The tranquility of order is a dynamic tranquility, the stillness of a flame burning in perfect calm, of a wheel spinning so fast that it seems to stand still.

Silence in this sense is not only a quality of the environment, but primarily an attitude, an attitude of listening. This is a gift that each of us is invited to give all others: the gift of silence. Let us then give one another silence.

And let us begin right now. Let us give to one another that gift of silence, so that we can listen together and listen to one another. Only in this silence will we be able to hear that gentle breath of peace, that music to which the spheres dance, that universal harmony to which we too, hope to dance.

  • Brother David Steindl-Rast in  A listening Heart  

A different way to live virtuously - Cynthia Bourgeault from Goop Podcast

“Each of us, in our own infinite precious particularity, will be led to what’s to be done next in our own time and space,” says Cynthia Bourgeault. The modern-day mystic and Episcopal priest is the author of several brilliant books, including Eye of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm. Today, she joins us to discuss a question that comes forth for many of us at some point: Are we all just irrelevant specs? Does our life actually have meaning? According to Bourgeault, while humans are not the center of everything, our actions have profound influence on the well-being of the planet (and a system that extends beyond it). She says that a lack of consciousness has led to much of the mess we’re currently in, and she explains how we all play a particular role in amending the damage. She talks through how our fear of dying is problematic (and what a different approach to death could look like), what it truly means to live virtuously, and whether or not she’s hopeful for the future. (Spoiler: Mostly, she is.)

We are not in a position to host events in the normal way because of Covid 19. We hope to find new ways and adapt to these changing times.

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Morning Meditation

Living by the principles

The Principles of New Monasticisms urges us to consider Spiritual wisdom enriching society.
Wisdom is a gift and is sought in study and reflection. The company of those who share the spiritual journey is valued. Tradition is a storehouse of wisdom.

Teresa Forcades OSB

New Monasticisms Ireland Conferences

We generally run three teaching events or conferences
during the year. We endeavour to bring the best speakers on contemporary topics with a particular emphasis on spirituality and the search for meaning. Irish Christianity informs our movement but we are open to the wisdom that other faiths inspire.

Book Clubs

Our Book Clubs

Being informed and inspired is important to us. We run two book clubs. Sophia Book Club in The Lantern Centre Dublin 8. and Cill Dara Book Club which meets in Solas Bhride, Tully Road, Kildare. Check in to our About page for details about each of our clubs. This page will tell you about what we are reading and will also give you information about times and dates. All are welcome to join!

The chance to hear the reflective and challenging words of Teresa Forcades, one of the great spirits of today, was a real gift. The gatherings for these talks I find uplifting, and I leave with a renewed sense of vision, community and love.
Mary Campbell
Consultant - Seol Education

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