How to Meditate

✓ Select the time you wish to sit in meditation on the timer above.

✓ Begin by sitting still, being alert yet relaxed.

✓ Allow your mind to become still by taking a prayer word, or mantra and repeat this throughout the whole period of meditation.

Some recommend  the prayer word, "Maranatha", from the Aramaic language which Jesus spoke. This means, “Come, Lord”. You can choose others, like Beloved  or Jesus.

✓ As you sit, you may become distracted by thoughts, memories, and feelings. This is normal. Simply return to your mantra to help you let go of the distracting thoughts. Meditation involves returning to the mantra or prayer word. 

✓ The bell will ring when the time is up - that which you have chosen.

Meditation is a practice - and therefore takes practice.

Start with a short amount of time and build from there.

What is Meditation

Meditation is a practice found at the core of most diverse and great religious traditions. It leads the   practitioner from the mind to the heart and helps to integrate these two centres of human being.  It is a practice of learning to unlearn habitual reactions, practices, and staying real to reality. 

Both silence and simplicity are core to the practice. Every time we sit to meditate, we are beginners, we make ourselves available to the ultimate reality of life, we let the ego move out of the way and surrender to the great Presence within. We sit knowing that we are in the long tradition of practitioners that go way back in time. We are one in the moment. We are always beginning again.